Santa Fe Irrigation District Calls on Volunteers

The Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID), based in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., has launched a Water Ambassador Program, enlisting volunteer residents to spread the word about conservation, according to an April 10 press release.

Residents in the district who volunteer will receive training and support and will have the opportunity to make a measurable difference in the community’s quality of life and sustainability efforts. Ambassadors are encouraged to engage friends, neighbors, and co-workers in efforts to conserve water and to relay questions and concerns from the community to the district. As the program grows, Water Ambassadors will also be asked to distribute flyers, speak at local groups and meetings, and staff information booths at community events.

“Santa Fe is leading the way with innovative ways to achieve water savings during this time of ongoing drought,” said Michael Bardin, general manager of the SFID. “Given the high likelihood of rationing by this summer, we need to mobilize residents to work their networks and change the behavior of people they know.”

For more information, call 858.227.5799 or send e-mail to Jessica Parks at

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