Groundwater Groups Plan Joint Event

Two organizations dedicated to the protection of groundwater, the National Ground Water Association and the Ground Water Protection Council, are holding their first-ever joint event April 19-23 in Tucson, Ariz.

The "2009 Ground Water Summit and 2009 Ground Water Protection Council Spring Meeting" offers attendees the opportunity to interact with colleagues from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, who all share the common interest of protecting this resource.

"Adapting to Increasing Demands in a Changing Climate" is the theme of this year's summit. The conference will focus on the critical role of groundwater in the context of a changing climate with regard to water resources, along with providing insights into the nature of the challenges, as well as the opportunities that may lie ahead. Those attending will learn about the latest in research, technology, and policy implications.

In addition to the sessions and meetings, four short courses, two field trips, and guest lecturers are on the agenda. To see the full program, go to or call  800.551.7379 (614.898.7791).