Calgon Carbon to Supply UV to San Francisco Plant

Calgon Carbon Corporation announced on Jan. 6 that it has been awarded a contract by PCL Civil Constructors, Inc. to supply Sentinel® UV Disinfection Systems (UV systems) at the city of San Francisco's Tesla Portal drinking water plant. The contract is valued at $5 million.

Twelve Sentinel® Chevron 48 reactors (Chevron 48), scheduled to be installed beginning in early 2010, will treat up to 320 million gallons of drinking water per day. The Chevron 48, which is Calgon Carbon's latest addition to its Sentinel® product line, can treat up to 45 million gallons of water per day.

Jim Sullivan, Calgon Carbon's vice president of UV Technologies said, "We are pleased that the city of San Francisco selected our newest Sentinel® design to meet their disinfection needs. The commercialization of the Chevron 48 exemplifies our successful product development efforts in UV technology as well as our strong position in the growing, drinking water disinfection market worldwide."

Calgon Carbon Corp. is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa.