Calif. Accepts HiPOx Process for Water Reuse Disinfection

The California Department of Public Health has accepted the HiPOx® process as the first ozone-based technology to meet disinfection criteria for unrestricted water reuse under Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations. The technology is owned by Applied Process Technology Inc. of Pleasant Hill, Calif. The acceptance is manufacturer- and product-specific to the HiPOx process for ozone disinfection.

The HiPOx process for municipal applications is marketed to water agencies nationwide by Applied's exclusive licensee Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. It is a pre-packaged treatment system with a plug flow reactor that efficiently injects and mixes ozone or ozone and hydrogen peroxide to maximize the production of hydroxyl free radicals (the most powerful oxidant available for water treatment) to destroy pathogens and recalcitrant compounds such as 1,4-Dioxane, chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and endocrine disrupting chemicals. HiPOx has the flexibility to operate in either the ozone-only mode or the AOP mode. In the AOP mode, it can provide patented bromate control.

"We are proud to bring this significant new treatment option to the water utility industry," stated Terry Applebury, president of Applied Process Technology, Inc. in an Oct. 30 press release. "The reuse of scarce water resources is a significant issue in many regions of the U.S.A. Our company's California location enables Applied to be at the forefront in providing advanced and waste-free solutions for the environment."

Applied Process Technology, Inc. consists of a team of engineers and scientists focused on advanced oxidation and advanced reduction processes for water treatment.

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