Delaware Group Celebrates Stewardship

What can we do to protect water, a vital natural resource? The Delaware Association of Conservation Districts encouraged the public to become aware of water quality and quantity in their communities and understand how watersheds work during its 2008 Soil and Water Stewardship celebration through May 4.

With the theme, "Water is Life," the New Castle, Kent, and Sussex conservation districts asked residents to consider how their actions affect the quality and quantity of water and other natural resources.

The association is a member of the National Association of Conservation Districts, which oversees and promotes the stewardship week program, one of the largest annual national programs to promote conservation.

"Each of us needs to take steps to invest in understanding the importance of water in our everyday life," said Krysta Harden, chief executive officer of the national organization. "Water is not a renewable resource. Education in your community and schools will benefit all citizens for years to come as they gain a better appreciation of the importance of water resources."

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