Network Emphasizes Conservation in Landscape Work

Committed to helping landscape and irrigation professionals thrive despite drought conditions and water demand, AquaSave® Inc. has launched the AquaSave® Network, a rapidly growing team of water management experts trained to maximize water conservation in landscape contracting, landscape management, and irrigation.

The newly formed network led by landscape industry veterans, Bob Baier and Bob Simpson, is dedicated to fostering water management expertise within the green industry -- historically a primary target for mandatory cuts and reductions during drought years.

AquaSave also aims to reduce the current economic impact by creating new water consulting opportunities for businesses in this sector. Training and development includes information on techniques and technology available to avoid water abuse, details on how penalties are assessed, and on how tiered water use rates are determined.

"In drought conditions, landscape and irrigation companies and their clients are hit with everything from water restrictions and rationing to increased water costs and penalties for excessive use and runoff," says Baier. "Every day we receive updates on water rationing and regulations. Our goal is to form a network of experts who can help each other stay informed and to carve out a niche for our industry with high quality water consulting."

As AquaSave Network members, landscape and irrigation companies can take advantage of professional orientation and training sessions; hands-on field instruction in water auditing and retrofits; and get access to regulatory news and e-alerts, all aimed at educating their internal irrigation specialists on the latest water conservation techniques.

"Through the AquaSave Network, we're linked with a group of experts whose mission is to conserve and control water in our area," says Manuel Coelho, president of member company Prunin Arboriculture. "Plus, because we have access to the latest training and information on everchanging municipal laws and regulations, our clients quickly accept us as trusted advisers. The more confident they are in our abilities, the more business we earn."

"The current drought has the potential to be the worst California has seen in many, many years," says Simpson, citing recent water department forecasts that suggest the California Sierras will have up to 40 percent less snow by 2050. "The need for water conservation techniques is going to increase, and when it does, our team will be here to fulfill it. We're in this not only for the present, but for the future."

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