$2.5 M Available in Puget Sound Grants

Local governments, special purpose districts, and federally recognized Indian tribes in the greater Puget Sound Basin are eligible to apply for Targeted Watershed grants ranging from about $250,000 to $625,000, (totaling $2.5 million) from EPA. The agency is soliciting proposals to support the protection and restoration of high-value Puget Sound aquatic resources, especially in areas facing rapid population growth, increased development or other environmental pressures. The deadline is Jan. 31, 2008.

The grant program emphasizes local, holistic watershed protection and management approaches. Grants will assist local and tribal governments in managing land uses while protecting watershed functions and values. Successful projects will match proposed activities to the appropriate watershed scale to ensure environmental results.

State agencies, institutions of higher learning, and nongovernmental entities are not eligible to directly receive these grant awards; however, EPA encourages tribes and local governments to solicit their participation as local collaborators.

Contact Michael Rylko, (206) 553-4014, rylko.michael@epa.gov for more information.

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