N-STEPS Webcast to Focus on Nutrients, Disinfection, Algal Toxins in Potable Water

Growing evidence indicates that levels of disinfection byproducts and algal toxins in lakes and reservoirs are related to nutrients and trophic status. At the next N-STEPS Webcast, Cliff Calanan of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will present preliminary results of studies investigating the relationship between nutrient-related and human health-related indices. These studies will help states define nutrient criteria for potable water sources and develop statewide nutrient criteria for ponded water systems.

Tune in to the next N-STEPS Webcast on Wednesday, Dec. 12th from 3:00 to 4:30 pm EST to hear about these studies. You can register for this Webcast at http://n-steps.tetratech-ffx.com/NTSChome.cfm.Click on the title of the Webcast and type in the information necessary to get set up. The Webcast will also be archived for later review on EPA's website. For more information, please contact Steve Potts at (202) 566-1121.

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