Connecticut Governor Issues Drought Advisory

On Oct. 5, Gov. M. Jodi Rell issued a drought advisory for Connecticut and directed all state agencies to immediately take steps to conserve water at state facilities.

"We all must do our part to cut down on our water usage and the state of Connecticut will lead by example with our conservation efforts," Rell said. "Rainfall totals over the past few months have been 35 percent below normal.

"Some relief may reach Connecticut as early as next weekend, but in the meantime, water conservation is simple and just requires common sense," the governor stated.

The governor recommended that each of Connecticut's municipalities designate an official "Drought Coordinator" to serve as a liaison with local water utilities and appropriate state agencies. In addition, Rell suggested the following measures be taken:

  • All residents and businesses should set a voluntary water use reduction goal of 10 percent (whether served by public water systems or private wells).
  • All residents and businesses should cut back on unnecessary water use, such as watering lawns and washing cars.
  • Residents and businesses should cooperate with their local water utilities as conditions may be different in various parts of the state and because utilities may have different utility plans

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