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Vindum Engineering, Inc.

Vindum Engineering, Inc. CV Series Valves

CV Series Valves

CV Series Valves

Vindum Engineering, Inc. (VEI) announces the release of its patented high pressure and high precision CV Series Valves, capable of continuous operation at pressures up to 20,000 PSI.  Either On-Off or 3-Way/4-Position models are available.  This patented VEI valve design can be used in high temperature applications and/or with corrosive fluids, further enhancing its operating envelope.

This high-pressure model is pneumatically operated via a set of small, low voltage pilot valves.  The valves are available in a wide range of seal materials as well as corrosion resistant wetted parts (Stainless Steel or Hastelloy C-276), with either 1/8 or 1/4 inch fittings for high pressure tubing.

This new valve maintains a constant internal fluid volume and does not trap any fluid within the valve body when switched.  This is one of the unique aspects of VEI’s patented valve design that delivers superior, reliable performance in a wide range of operating environments.

    Assmann Corp.

    Full Drain Outlet

    Full Drain Outlet

    Assmann’s molded-in full drain outlet assembly for tanks that are 2,500 gallons and larger enables operators to empty the vessel without using mechanically installed nozzles. The assembly can be used where heavy solids or salts may accumulate in the bottom of the tank. It is available in 3 inches and 4 inches, as well as in variations of 316 stainless steel, titanium and hastelloy construction.

      Tideflex Technologies


      Inline Check Valve

      The new Tideflex CheckMate Inline Check Valve is ideal for backflow prevention and mitigation of odors. In outfalls, stormwater, CSO and SSO applications, the valve’s custom-engineered design eliminates costly backflow from oceans, rivers and interceptors. The valves have very low headloss, which is beneficial in low lying areas. The 100 percent fabric and elastomer construction eliminates corrosion problems. Because the valve is made with a unibody construction, there are no components to catch debris, corrode or fail.

        Asahi/America Inc.

        Asahi/America Catalog

        Thermoplastic Valve and Piping Systems Catalog

        Asahi/America’s updated 12-page Thermoplastic Valve and Piping Systems Catalog presents an overview of the company's fluid handling product lines as well as capabilities for distributors, engineers and installers. The full-color catalog highlights the advantages of using thermoplastic materials, including their corrosion-resistant properties. The catalog features specifications for valves, pneumatic and electric actuators, high purity products, industrial piping and double containment piping. In addition, the catalog outlines the company's high purity and wet process solutions.

          Spartan Scientific


          Condensation Removal Drain Valve

          Spartan Scientific offers the CRDV/S condensation removal drain valve. Installed in conjunction with any compressor, air dryer or drop leg, the valve is a set-and-forget device that expels condensate from the air system upon the presence of moisture. The device uses a temperature fluxuation circuit to trigger a large orifice solenoid. The design features media compatible materials, indicator lights to show purge cycles, and incorporates an alarm function in case of malfunction.

            Sioux Corp.

            Sioux Portable Steam Cleaning

            Portable Steam Cleaning & De-icing

            Sioux Corp.’s trailer-mounted steam cleaners are used for removing oil and grease from heavy equipment; thawing and de-icing equipment, pipes, valves, drains, and culverts in cold weather; de-gassing tanks; and cleaning and sterilizing facilities and equipment. The cleaner includes a generator and water tank for remote use. The units will produce 2 or 4 gpm steam at 250 psi and 320 degrees Fahrenheit. All mobile steam cleaners come standard with an anti-freeze circulation package.

              Innovative Pressure Technologies

              Manifold Valves

              Innovative Pressure Technologies’ 2-, 3- and 5-way manifold valves are designed to connect system impulse lines and transmitters. The devices combine tee and calibration and isolation valve functions into one valve configuration. Each valve contains bonnet lock pins to prevent accidental loosening.

                Red Valve Co.

                Slurry Knife Gate Valve

                The Series DX Slurry Knife Gate Valve is designed for heavy slurry applications in the power and mining industries. When the valve opens, the reinforced elastomer sleeves seal against each other and provide a 100 percent full port opening, minimizing turbulence and wear. The seats isolate and protect all metal parts from the process. Each time the strokes, the valve discharges a small amount of slurry, keeping the gate path and seat area clear of entrapped particulates.

                  Innovative Pressure Technologies

                  Needle Valves

                  Innovative Pressure Technologies of Erie, Pa. introduces High Pressure Needle Valves. These valves feature a non-rotating stem to prevent galling and scoring and are engineered to deliver reliable operation at working pressures up to 60,000 psi in temperatures ranging from100° to 450°F (-73° to 232°C). They feature a Vee or Regulating tip stem and six body styles to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Typical applications include general plant service, instrument isolation, hydraulics, pneumatics, pressure measurement devices, and venting, among others.

                    Asahi/America Inc.

                    Fast Pack Valve/Actuation Packs

                    Asahi/America, Inc., introduces the Fast Pack, the newest concept in valve automation. The company has prepackaged more than 125 of its most popular valve and actuator combinations in easy-to-order configurations. Packages feature Asahi Series 92 or 94 electric actuators or Series 79 pneumatic actuators mounted on Asahi Type 21 PVC Ball Valves or Type 57 PVC Butterfly Valves.

                    Ideally suited for industrial applications featuring harsh media environments, packages are available in ½" to 4" in ball valves and 1-1/2" to 8" in butterfly valves. Every one of these assembled packages ships within 24 hours from time the order is received. All packages are assembled at the company's Malden, Mass., headquarters.

                      Lasso Technik, U.S. distributor Great Western Supply Co.

                      Stop-Silent Check Valve

                      Designed to provide water hammer relief and tight non-return shut-off for existing flanged piping systems, the Stop-Silent® Check Valve AS 54 Model can be implemented directly without structural or housing alterations, providing a cost-effective solution for system upgrades. The valve features a unique cone design that ensures tight shut-off to prevent backflow of liquid or gaseous media. The valve has no movable mechanical parts and consists only of two components, a perforated cone in stainless steel and a rubber membrane. This innovative design eliminates water hammer and associated problems of noise and wear, resulting in quiet, noise-free operation. Other characteristics include quality construction, low cracking pressure, low-pressure drop, and ability to function simultaneously as a filter. It is suitable for use in water, oil, acids, and brines. Specific applications include water distribution, water treatment, chemical production plants, petrochemical installations, and food processing.

                        Assured Automation

                        Butterfly Valve

                        Assured Automation's line of resilient seated butterfly valves offer high-flow coefficients, ISO top mounting, a one-piece body with a self-centering disc, and a large selection of direct-mount actuators and gear operators. The valves are available in sizes 2 through 12 inches with a pressure rating up to 225 psi, and the 14- to 24-inch valves have a pressure rating up to 160 psi.

                          Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc.

                          Pressure Reducing Valve

                          Plast-O-Matic Valves' PRA series pressure reducing valve is designed for highly corrosive and ultra-pure chemicals. The design uses compressed air and two rolling diaphragms to control liquid pressure with greater accuracy. The valve can handle inlet pressure up to 150 psi and accurately maintain a downstream pressure from 5 to 125 psi. The design features two opposing, large-area, frictionless, rolling diaphragms. Process pressure is applied to one of the diaphragms and air pressure is applied to the other.

                            Magnatrol Valve Corp.

                            Solenoid Valves

                            Packless, solenoid valves from Magnatrol Valve are used to control the flow of water, oil, gas, steam, solvents, deionized water, ammonia, brine, cryogenics-related materials, and oxygen. The valves eliminate fugitive emissions and are available in normally open or normally closed positions. They can be easily serviced while the valve remains in the pipeline.

                              Magnatrol Valve Corp.

                              Solenoid Valves

                              Magnatrol Valve's 316SS solenoid valve fits pipes up to 6 inches wide. All wetted components are made from 316-stainless steel. The rotary-shaft valve isolates fluid from all magnetic solenoid components and easily handles corrosive or viscous fluids. The valve is available in ½- to 6-inch pipe sizes.

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