How Environmentally Friendly are Capsule Systems and Other Ways Of Making Coffee?

Empa researchers have taken a close look at the ecological balances of the various systems currently in use.

GaiaRecycle Discusses Benefits of Onsite Food Waste Recycling

Attendees at the WasteExpo show can receive an up-close view of GaiaRecycle’s patented “double helix” shredder and blade technology, and learn how the company's systems accelerate the organic decomposition process based on drying, sterilizing and grinding mixed food scraps and organic waste.

Shed Skin Contributes to Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

Flakes of skin that people shed at the rate of 500 million cells every day are not just a nuisance — they actually can be beneficial.

Study: Relationship Between Farming, Phosphorus in Miss. River Not Clear-Cut

Overall, the findings suggest that reducing phosphorus pollution will require broad adoption of practices that limit nutrient runoff, such as cover crops, buffer strips, and incorporation of fertilizers. It will also require limits on phosphorus discharge from cities.

American Society of Landscape Architects Debuts 'Sustainable Design 101' Resource

Plants that digest toxic waste, parks built from old building materials, trees that lower utility bills and many other sustainable concepts are part of a free educational resource from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

In the Middle of Hot Texas City, a Glimpse of Green

Despite the dry climate, the Omni hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, has installed a rooftop herb garden on one of its terraces shaded from the hot summer sun.

Inventor of Bowflex Designs Solution for Offshore Drilling Spills

Inventor of the Bowflex®, Tessema Shifferaw, introduces The Shifferaw Oil Ocean Leak Prevention System, or SOOLPS, guaranteed to put both environmentalists and oil companies at ease.

EPA's GreenChill Partnership Reaches All 50 States

GreenChill’s food retailers are reducing pollution from commercial refrigeration, decreasing their impact on the ozone layer and protecting people’s health.

Climate Models Predict Global Warming Won't Diminish Wind Energy Production

The production of wind energy in the United States in the next 30 to 50 years will be largely unaffected by upward changes in global temperature, said a pair of scientists who analyzed output from several regional climate models to assess future wind patterns in America's lower 48 states.

Texas (Yes, Texas) Hosts One of the Biggest Earth Day Festivals in the U.S.

With more than 200 Earth Day festivals annually logged by the Earth Day Network – the leading organization that mobilizes the green movement across the world – across the country on April 22, the second largest was in Dallas.

Rotational Grazing Makes for Healthier Cattle, Environment

The rotational grazing technique, which has been adapted for a variety of livestock worldwide, calls for cattle to graze in small areas for shorter periods of time before moving onto other pastures.

Sustainable Landscape Design For Your Property is Easier Than You Think (With Video)

Making your property more sustainable is a trend that seems to get more interest from homeowners every year. Many small changes can greatly improve sustainability and can be fairly simple to do.

Noise-quenching Curtains are Now on the Market

Swiss researchers have developed lightweight, translucent curtain materials, which are excellent at absorbing sound.

Students Build Living Village for Math Credit

Students learn math behind environmental engineering as they build a living village and design an efficient transportation system for food delivery.

LEDs Could Replace Mercury Lamps in UV Sterilization Devices

Though they currently require more electricity to emit UV light, LEDs could soon replace mercury lamps in sterilization devices.

IKEA Powers Up Solar Array at Brooklyn, N.Y., Store

<p>Con Edison and New York City commissioned and certified the solar energy system on the Brooklyn, N.Y., IKEA store. As one of the largest commercial rooftop installations in the city’s five boroughs, the 200 kW array occupies 19,000-square feet, with four module types, totaling 1,104 panels. The array will generage 240,000 kWh of renewable electricity annually for the store, the equivalent of eliminating the emissions of 32 cars, or providing electricity for 20 homes yearly. This effort reinforces the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices in addition to reducing its carbon footprint.</p><p> “We are very excited about enhancing the sustainable contribution IKEA Brooklyn continues to make in the local community by generating electricity through solar panels atop our store,” said Mike Baker, the store’s manager. “This initiative helps improve the environment and contributes to our vision of creating a better everyday life for the many.”</p><p> Other IKEA U.S. sustainable building initiatives include a solar energy systems operational in two stores and under construction in nine others. Additionally, both a solar energy and geothermal system were incorporated into the Denver-area store opening this year in Centennial, Col. IKEA Brooklyn additionally has 70,000 square feet of green roof, a 6.5-acre waterfront esplanade, multiple transit options and has been certified as a brownfield redevelopment. The store also has been certified LEED Silver.</p><p> The 346,000-square-foot Brooklyn store opened June 18, 2008, on 22 acres along the Erie Basin waterfront in Red Hook, south of the BQE/Gowanus Expressway and southeast of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. </p><p>

Solar Plane Attempts First International Flight (With Video)

Solar Impulse, under the patronage of the European Commission, has selected Brussels as its first international destination.

Breakthrough Water Cleaning Technology Could Lessen Environmental Impacts from Shale Production

A novel water cleaning technology currently being tested in field demonstrations could help significantly reduce potential environmental impacts from producing natural gas from the Marcellus shale and other geologic formations.

NIST Prototypes Framework for Evaluating Sustainability Standards

NIST researchers have prototyped a framework to help organizations sort through the welter of choices and evaluate and implement sustainability standards most appropriate for their operations and interests.

Fuel-Efficient Car Sales Growing Nearly Three Times as Fast as Auto Market

High gas prices and a recovering economy led to a 46 percent increase in hybrid and clean diesel sales in March 2011 compared with March 2010, a jump that was about three times higher than the increase in the overall car market last month, according to auto analyst firm Baum and Associates.