California Lawmakers Seek Statewide Approach to Water Supply

This season will be the first time since 2008 that salmon fishermen will be able to work.

LEED for Healthcare Debuts at CleanMed Conference

The new rating system distinguishes construction of high-performance healthcare facilities, according to the U.S. Green Building Council.

State Grant to Fund Turbine Installation at UNT Stadium

Community-scale turbines should be installed on the campus by the end of 2011.

Villanova Students Develop a 'Greener' Soap

Using glycerol from a used cooking oil-to-biodiesel fuel conversion, engineering students developed a soap that is used to clean campus lab equipment and wash hands.

Reef Study: The More Biodiversity, the Better

Dalhousie and McGill university researchers, along with 53 colleagues, studied almost 2,000 coral reef locations to discover that the loss of species can have far-reaching consequences and suggests human population is to blame.

Mass-scale Algae Biodiesel Production Defies Physics, Study Says

Kansas State University researchers applied a carbon mass balance and found that the current algae diesel system will not eliminate U.S. dependence on petroleum diesel.

manufacturing machinery

The Case for Solvent Recycling (With Video)

Recycling, and to a greater extent tolling, decouples used solvent generators from the high cost and volatility of virgin solvent prices.

UMD's Solar Decathlon Team Unveiled a High-tech Structure Called WaterShed (With Video)

The University of Maryland Solar Decathlon Team has unveiled its entry in the U.S. Department of Energy competition: a high-tech structure they call WaterShed, because it integrates a unique array of sustainable features designed to protect and make the most of the Chesapeake Bay.

Russell City Energy Center to Use ZLD Technology

GE's zero liquid discharge wastewater recycling system will be installed at the first U.S. power plant to be built with stricter federal, state emissions limits.

Benefits Top Costs in EPRI Smart Grid Analysis

The project team analyzed projected costs over the next 20 years, looking at core smart grid technologies in transmission, substation, distribution, and customer interface.

BioPreferred Products in Stores Soon

USDA identified the first 60 products independently certified to consist wholly or significantly of agricultural ingredients — renewable plant, animal, marine, or forestry materials.

South Dakota Awards $22.3M for Environmental Projects

The funds will go toward improving water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure as well as watershed, landfill, and recycling projects.

Burning trash in the backyard is illegal in many states.

Wisconsin DNR Reminds Residents of Trash Burning Rules

The state agency says that burning trash and landfilling or burning recyclable materials are prohibited by state law.

Earth911 Joins Consortium, Looks to Standardize Recyclability Reporting

A major focus of the consortium is to develop Sustainability Measurement and Reporting Standards that will define, for a particular product type, what product manufacturers should measure, how to measure it, and how to report it to a common database.

Sunoco Tops List of Greenest Overall Oil Company

Greenopia, an online directory for green, sustainable, and socially conscious purchase decisions, has updated its oil company sustainability guide.

U.S. Automakers to Win Profits under Higher Mileage Standards

Two reports from Citi and Ceres predict U.S. car manufacturers will see greater sales than their global competitors.

Who's Doing What?

Here's a snapshot of personnel moves, recognition, contracts awards, partnerships, and new company names that were announced in March.

Zhong Lin Wang and a nanogenerator

Georgia Tech Puts the Squeeze on Nano Power

In three to five years, environmental professionals could be using nanogenerators as a power source for sensors used in infrastructure monitoring, according to researchers.

Carbon Dating Analysis Finds Some Consumer Products Not So Green

The study led by a Seventh Generation chemist shows that manufacturers who desire to use less petroleum-derived carbon can incorporate radiocarbon dating per ASTM D6866-10 to verify the content of raw materials and finished products.

Synagro CEO Stepped into Sludge Tank on 'Undercover Boss'

Bill Massa also worked alongside a centrifuge operator to separate water from solids and helped dredge and clean a lagoon for the television program.

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