Joint Study Finds Diversity in Shewanella Microbes

Georgia Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers uncovers some of the differences among the strains of Shewanella, which is used in bioremediation.

NIST Issues 3 New Soil Reference Materials for Labs

These standard reference materials are useful for soil analyses performed by various commercial, government, and university laboratories.

Plants and Poultry Waste Can Immobilize Lead in Soil, Study Says

The researcher measured lead speciation and enzyme activity in shooting range soils treated with grass plant and/or poultry waste in a large column setting.

Ohio EPA Teams with Insurers for Brownfields' Cleanups

Those who want to voluntarily clean up a brownfield site in Ohio may be eligible for discounted insurance through a new state program.

Landmark Deal Puts Hanford Cleanup on Track

The settlement of Washington's 2008 lawsuit against the Department of Energy recommits the federal government to a cleanup of groundwater and waste stored in tanks at the Hanford Site, officials said this week.

WI Environmental Has Heavy Metal Cleanup Technology

Company president claims XR-88 can clean up Puget Sound, other sites.

Regenesis Credits ORC for 29 Contaminated Site Closures

San Clemente, Calif.-based Regenesis says its Oxygen Release Compound has facilitated the cost-effective closure of 29 major petroleum company sites in the Midwest.

Five Companies Pay for Damages from Palmerton Zinc Pile

CBS Operations Inc., TCI Pacific Communications Inc., CBS/Westinghouse of Pa. Inc., HH Liquidating Corp. and HRD Liquidating Corp., agreed to pay $21 million to Pennsylvania and the federal government, according to the Department of Justice.

EPA Gives Recovery Funds for Underground Petroleum Leaks

U.S. territories, states to receive more than $9.8 million to assess and clean up underground petroleum leaks.

Financial Assurance Rule to Target Hardrock Mining

EPA plans to propose rule to ensure that owners and operators of hardrock mines pay for cleanup.

SURF: How Should Clean-up Industry Clean Up?

Organizations white paper assesses remediation and whether it is or can be sustainable.

13 States to Get $45 M in Stimulus for UST Cleanup

EPA is using stimulus funds to help states address underground storage tank leaks, which can contaminate groundwater.

Justice: G-I Holdings Must Address Asbestos Waste

As the result of a settlement agreement, G-I Holdings must secure Vermont Asbestos Group Mine Site, reimburse clean-up costs, and address hazardous waste issues at nine other Superfund sites.

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