Chinese, Defective Drywall Meeting to Deliver Protocols

The Defective Drywall in America workgroup will present the certified national protocols it developed at a conference Oct. 25-27 at the Hyatt Regency – Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Fla.

The National Training and Certification Conference on Chinese or Defective Drywall in America will feature Spiderman S. Mulholland of U.S. Building Consultants Inc.

This conference will issue both nationally certified protocols and proposed national warranties (currently under negotiation for $100,000 to $500,000 per home) on all homes remediated under these protocols.

Inspectors (CDDI) who satisfactorily pass the exam will be given the certified protocols for inspection, which includes the proposed national warranty that will likely be extended to homes without Chinese or other defective drywall for future resale purposes.

Consultants (CDDC) and contractors (CDDR) who satisfactorily pass the exams will be given the certified protocols for inspection and remediation with the proposed national warranty that, upon acceptance of the proposed warranty program, may be extended to homes that have been remediated of Chinese and other defective drywall.

For more information, visit the Building Envelope Science Institute.

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