Industry Trends

Scientists Combine Silver and Electricity to Kill Bacteria in Water

Stanford University's Yi Cui and colleagues have developed an energy-saving filter system that destroys E. coli.

IWA Honors Excellence in Global Water Engineering Projects

The efforts of Singapore, Australia, Philippines, and the United Kingdom earned recognition for innovation in 2010.

Basin Electric Selects Acoustic Cleaning Systems for Baghouse Retrofits

The power cooperative tested a system on its Beulah, N.D., plant and decided to install more GE membrane bags to help reduce emissions from coal fuel.

Mitsubishi turbine

Public-private Partnership Brings Mitsubishi Wind Plant to Arkansas

Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas is building a 200,000-square-foot nacelle manufacturing plant in Fort Smith, Ark.

Bacteria May Remove Steroid Used in Tilapia Fish Farming from Water

Methyltestosterone is used in aquaculture to produce male tilapia because they grow faster; Pseudomonas fluorescens and Bacillus ceresus may help remove the steroid from the water.

WaterSense Honors Four Partners for Water-Saving Efforts

Cascade Water Alliance, Moen Inc., Lowe's and Judy Benson received awards at a banquet last week.

Some SPCC Facilities Get 1-Year Break on Deadline

Offshore drilling, production, workover, and certain onshore facilities are not eligible for the extension.

DOT and EPA to Work with CARB for Tighter Tailpipe Standards

On the high end, cars will be expected to achieve 60 miles per gallon by the year 2025.

U.S. Sues Coltec and NASSCO for Uncertified Marine Engines

This is the first federal court action brought by the government under the marine diesel engine rules.

Interior Secretary Announces New Drilling Rules

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, formerly MMS, has developed rules for offshore oil and gas operations in federal waters that require operators to develop and follow a 13-point Safety and Environmental Management System.

BP Products Paying $15 M Penalty for Texas Refinery

EPA and the Justice Department announced the penalty and posted the consent decree that has been filed in a Houston federal court. It is a record civil penalty for Clean Air Act violations at an single facility.

free book

15 Profiles Show How Material Reuse Can Change Construction

The “Design for Reuse Primer,” a free e-book, looks at the untapped potential of material reuse through the perspectives of the architects, contractors, and clients committed to its use.

Soy-based Glue May Make a Friendlier Wood Adhesive

A U.S. Department of Agriculture study has developed a formaldehyde-free glue for wood applications.

Murphy Oil Settles CAA Violations at Louisiana, Wisconsin Refineries

The company will pay a $1.25 million civil penalty, upgrade pollution control technologies, and install covers on two wastewater tanks as a supplemental environmental project.

EPRI Heads DOE's Cyber Security Collaborative

Research laboratories will be assessing national standards, reviewing power systems, and testing protocols for grid security technologies.

Daigger to Lead International Water Association

Glen Daigger of CH2M Hill will serve as president of IWA for a two-year term.

Voltea technology

Voltea's 'Simple' Technology Helps to Ease Water Stress

The Anglo-Dutch company has based its technology on oppositely charged electrodes combined with anionic and cationic selective membranes.

EPA Adds Seven Hazardous Waste Sites to NPL

These additions and recent cleanups have changed the number of National Priorities List sites from 1,627 to 1,343 final and proposed sites.