Termite Detector 'Sniffs' Out Bed Bugs, Too

Stern Environmental Group has completed field testing the Termite and Bed Bug Detector and has announced that the unit is so sensitive that it detected the presence of just one bed bug in a hidden space.

This unit has previously been sold exclusively to termite extermination professionals for termite discovery, but has now been found to be highly effective in locating the presence of concealed bed bugs.

Managing Partner Douglas Stern said, “The technology used in this product is revolutionary and will change forever how hotels and businesses monitor for and detect bed bugs. I consider this a huge step forward in the fight against bed bugs by putting the power of detection in the hands of the property owner before a pest control professional is even called in.”

This tool measures, with its various arrays of carbon dioxide sensors, increased CO2 level, which is exuded by bed bugs as they digest their blood meal. As bed bugs like to harbor in concealed and small hidden areas such as in cracks and crevices, in nightstand drawers, behind headboards, in box springs, inside electrical outlets, inside bedside clocks, and even in the rolled edges of mattress pillow tops, the CO2 they exude as they digest their food builds up to a detectable level. The Termite and Bed Bug Detector sounds a series of beeps in the presence of this increased level. The number of beeps the unit emits depends on how many bed bugs are in the confined hiding space and the amount of CO2 that has collected. The unit even recalibrates itself automatically when moved to a new location.

The detector can help make treatment more efficient by identifying target treatment areas and also determine if treatment was successful.

Stern Environmental Group is selling the unit for less than $1,358 on its website.

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