Alion and Tetra Tech Win EPA Contract Awards

Alion Science and Technology, an employee-owned technology solutions company, was awarded a five-year task-order from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, worth a maximum of $72 million, to continue its work providing research support to assess exposure to atmospheric pollutants and other materials that have the potential to cause adverse human health effects.

Alion supports EPA’s Office of Research and Development by assisting with the conduct of research that characterizes human pollutant exposures across a broad spectrum. Subcontractor RTI International is a key partner in this effort. Results will be applied to practical efforts related to air quality measurement, pollution control and homeland security.

“We support the continuing improvement in our understanding of how people become exposed to air pollutants,” explained Chris Amos, Alion senior vice president and manager of the company’s Technology Solutions Group. “Alion has a long history with EPA, dating back to 1973, in conducting atmospheric sciences and environmental methods development research, with an increased emphasis on studying human exposure. Ultimately, the research we are conducting now may help prevent negative health effects from pollutants.”

Under the contract, Alion will develop and support human exposure models and support research in aerosol and human exposure studies. Pollutants and other compounds will be sampled and analyzed in air, water, food, dust, soil and biological media, and tracked through inhalation, dermal exposure and ingestion.

Other subcontractors on the five-year contract include The McConnell Group and Alpha-Gamma Technologies.

Alion Science and Technology is an employee-owned technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies and commercial customers. Building on almost 75 years of R&D and engineering expertise, Alion brings innovation and insight to multiple business areas: naval architecture & marine engineering; defense operations; modeling & simulation; technology integration; information technology & wireless communications; and energy and environmental sciences.

Tetra Tech, Inc. has been awarded a five-year, $19.7 million contract with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s landfill methane outreach program.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that, when properly managed and captured, can be used to fuel power plants, manufacturing facilities, vehicles, and homes. The EPA’s program aims to reduce methane emissions from landfills by encouraging recovery and beneficial use of landfill gas as an energy source.

Working with the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, Climate Change Division, Tetra Tech will provide technical support for a wide variety of landfill program activities in the United States and internationally. Tetra Tech will help EPA conduct feasibility assessments; review policies and analyze markets; support tracking and reporting programs; develop emissions inventory protocols; conduct training and outreach; and support technology transfer and demonstration projects, among other activities.

With approximately 12,000 employees worldwide, Tetra Tech’s capabilities span the entire project life cycle.

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