See How Your Country’s Energy Statistics Stack Up

The International Energy Agency’s 2013 edition of the Key World Energy Statistics is now available for download. The booklet shows the energy consumption, production, and transformation in more than 140 countries.

With 16 different energy statistics, IEA’s Key World Energy Statistics 2013 allows anyone a chance to see how the country they live in stacks up against other countries around the world. Some of the key elements of the booklet include supply, consumption, energy balances and indicators, conversion factors, among others. The information listed in the latest edition is based on annual studies of oil, natural gas, coal, electricity and renewables.

According to the report, the United States produces 9.3 percent of the world’s crude oil, making it third behind Saudi Arabia and Russia. Based on the years 1973-2012, it’s also shown that the U.S. makes up 19.8 percent of natural gas in the world, but Russia is close to that amount with 19.1 percent. Other elements included in the booklet include nuclear, hydro, and electricity production.

For more information or to download the booklet, please click here.

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