InLine Processer Makes Salty Water Usable for Irrigation

Salty irrigation water can cause many problems in crop production; salinity hazard, sodium hazard, availability of water to plants, toxic sodium shock and significant yield loss (10-75 percent).

Eco1st Technology Group of Santa Ana, Calif., developed an In-line Processor that eliminates the harmful effects of salt in irrigation water. All In-Line Processor systems are designed to perform in a specific application and meet the specific flow rate requirements and needs of that customer, according to the company's Web site.

The Processor strips electrons from all materials that flow through it. Electrons are then routed to a specially designed grounding rod to flow these electrons into the Earth. This process is all done without the use of an outside power source, chemicals, consumable materials or operator adjustment.

The In-Line Processor installed into the main irrigation line and the processed water percolates into the soil 56 percent faster and easier on average according to third party testing from one of California's largest water districts.

A potato farmer in Hastings, Fla., who has been using the Inline Processor, explained his problem: "The whole farming area is battling salt water intrusion in their irrigation wells. I have two 65-acre fields that the salinity levels have really affected the potato yields. In years past, the plants would never even sprout. The crop would reach a point and just stop growing. I searched high and low for a high salinity water solution. "This is a common problem across the nation."