LiteEarth Capping System

LiteEarth is an impermeable capping system for the long-term cover of landfills, coal ash, gypsum deposits, and land reclamation projects. LiteEarth utilizes proven components and design to save money, resources, time and the environment. The system permanently combines the latest synthetic turf with EPDM geomembrane into a lightweight, single-ply composite. The impermeable EPDM membrane offers flexibility and durability to resist cracking and easily conform to the terrain.

Synthetic grass provides natural looking cover 24/7/365 days a year, and eliminates costly and environmentally damaging fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and mower exhausts required for natural grass maintenance. The composite is delivered to project site in pre-manufactured size and length specifications, and only layout, positioning, and seaming is necessary on site. This patent pending system is the only EPDM-synthetic grass composite of its kind.