ALLU Stabilization System

ALLU Stabilization System

The ALLU Stabilization System is a quick, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution that increases the strength and dynamic stiffness of soft soil in order to improve its engineering characteristics and to remediate contaminated soil.

Mass stabilization is a fast and cost-effective method for hardening soft ground by adding binder into the soil. Different types of clay, peat, slurry and other soft ground materials can be transformed into a solid layer by using the mass stabilization method, which can also be used for processing and encapsulating contaminated materials. ALLU Stabilization System consists of three devices: pressure feeder, power mixing unit and control system.

ALLU Group offers a complete line of technologically advanced screening, crushing, windrow turning, soil stabilizing and compacting equipment and attachments for the asphalt, compost, environmental, recycling, green waste, demolition, and pipeline industries. 

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