Lasso Technik, U.S. distributor Great Western Supply Co.

Stop-Silent Check Valve

Designed to provide water hammer relief and tight non-return shut-off for existing flanged piping systems, the Stop-Silent® Check Valve AS 54 Model can be implemented directly without structural or housing alterations, providing a cost-effective solution for system upgrades. The valve features a unique cone design that ensures tight shut-off to prevent backflow of liquid or gaseous media. The valve has no movable mechanical parts and consists only of two components, a perforated cone in stainless steel and a rubber membrane. This innovative design eliminates water hammer and associated problems of noise and wear, resulting in quiet, noise-free operation. Other characteristics include quality construction, low cracking pressure, low-pressure drop, and ability to function simultaneously as a filter. It is suitable for use in water, oil, acids, and brines. Specific applications include water distribution, water treatment, chemical production plants, petrochemical installations, and food processing.