Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving Blog for EP

Have a Green Thanksgiving

Here are a few tips to make your holiday more environmentally friendly:

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Try not to buy as much food and decorations as you did last year. We tend to buy more than we need, which ends up getting thrown away.

If you have nice decorations, keep them. Don’t buy new decorations each year; find fun and create ways to reuse them. You can even trade with friends and family so that each house gets a new makeover for the next holiday – without the need of buying new.

Try to use your own plates, glasses, silverware, etc. If you must use paper plates and other disposable utensils, be sure they’re recyclable. Don’t forget to recycle those aluminum cans and glass jars too.

Buy Local, Organic Food: When purchasing your holiday foods this year, try to buy them from local markets if you can. Local food contributes to your local community.

Organic food is better for you and for the environment, so try to purchase organic foods if they’re available in your area.

Avoid Travel: Try to spend Thanksgiving at home this year and invite local friends, family, and even neighbors to join in on your festivities. If you’re going to Thanksgiving at a nearby location, try carpooling to reduce some of your emissions.

If you do have to travel in order to see your family, make sure your car is in good running condition and check the air pressure in your tires; these efforts will make your car a little more economical.

Enjoy the Holiday: No matter what your plans are for Thanksgiving this year, have fun. Try to relax and enjoy the time you have with your closest friends and family.

Posted by Lindsay Page on Nov 15, 2012