Listening to Non-believers

Bill Bider, director of the Kansas Bureau of Waste Management, sent an e-mail to our staff this week. When I received it, I contacted him and asked permission to post his comments. He said yes, and then commented that he usually does not get a response when he makes comments such as these:

Your poll today [12-15] about carbon taxes or cap-and-trade is faulty because you do not give people the choice of "neither."

There are still environmental scientists such as myself who do not believe it is necessary to implement such programs because we do not believe that man-made carbon emissions are causing global warming.

I also wonder why e-newsletters such as yours do not report on the very cold conditions over the past two years that have led to the recovery of the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, but instead report on conditions at the end of the summer of 2007 (check out, it shows the current extent of sea ice). Last winter had extremely cold temperatures in the northern hemisphere and this winter is beginning with more of the same.

It is sad that global warming advocates and investors and traders who see money to be made are continuing to head down this pathway, which will add to the economic crisis through the inflation and abuse that will undoubtedly result from carbon regulation.

Thank you, Mr. Bider. I am going to post a poll about beliefs now.

I am glad that you offered your perspective on this issue. Maybe if more people responded as you have, we would see that there are more people like you out there. And that could be a powerful thing.

L.K. Williams

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on Dec 19, 2008