Proper Perspective

Charles Wurm, an environmental health, safety, and training manager working in San Jose, Calif., called me to task a few months ago:

I have enjoyed reading Environmental Protection magazine for many years -- Hard copy and now e-mag.

The article "DOE Report: Wind Power Capacity Up 46%" is somewhat misleading. It gave the impression that wind power will be "a significant contributor to the U.S. power mix" which it never will.

"...nine states had enough wind capacity at the end of 2007 to account for more than 3 percent of total in-state electricity generation." Where it can be used and when the wind blows, it is great, 3 percent of total power generation in some states is not a lot.

An editor's comment at the end of this article placing wind power in a proper perspective with the major energy sources would have been nice.

I agree; an editor's comment would have been nice. But nicer still would have been a comment from an alternative energy expert. Nicest of all is the comment from Mr. Wurm, a reader who cares enough to make his perspective known.

Mr. Wurm categorically says that wind power will never be a significant contributor to the U.S. power mix. I'm not sure, so I refrain from making such statements. Anyone else care to weigh in on this one?

L.K. Williams

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on Sep 16, 2008