HP Inc. Continues to Lead: Here are the Company’s Newest, Eco-Friendly Products

One of the world’s largest and most environmentally-conscious companies is not stopping its technological and eco-friendly innovation. It recently announced some new products you don’t want to miss.

The 2019 year was a big one for the world of printing and computer technology—largely thanks to technology company, HP Inc. The group is recognized as one of the earliest printing companies to devote itself fully to providing consumers with innovative, modern technology that they feel good about buying for themselves and the Earth.

Back in October 2019, I was lucky enough to attend HP’s Sustainable Impact Summit on behalf of Environmental Protection in Nashville. At the summit, the company was thrilled to announce the first carbon neutral, home printing system, along with its other notable products. The summit also served as a space where HP confirmed its commitment to water-based ink products and continued goal of reinventing the printing industry.

As of January 5, 2020, HP Inc. plans to uphold Newsweek’s 2019 number one “most responsible company” title with the following goals:

  • improve energy efficiency of its devices
  • increase recycled plastic and metal content in its products
  • reduce chemicals of concerns from its products
  • transition to a sustainable fiber and plastic-free platform

While not all of these products are on sale yet, HP Inc. was still excited to share its new devices and accessories with the public. HP has mastered the art of balancing technological innovation for consumer satisfaction with environmental responsibility—always noting the materials it sources and the resources it relies on.

The following is a breakdown of the recently announced products from HP for the market:

HP Spectre x360 15
This laptop is HP’s most “powerful 15-inch convertible” and has a screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent, has up to 17 hours of battery life, and features a 4K display. It is expected to be available in March of 2020.

HP Envy 32 All-in-One
This device allows users to see and control content with the world’s first PC with HDR600 Display, maximum power, and a multi-device keyboard so you can switch between a smartphone and tablet. It is now available for purchase.

EP Elite Dragonfly
This convertible is the world’s first business convertible with 5G and findable device technology, and it’s incredibly lightweight and compact. It is expected to be available starting in February of 2020.

But the excitement does not stop there. HP Inc. also announced a handful of new displays and sustainable accessories so consumers can experience creative devices and know they are doing so with the environment in mind.

The HP E24d and HP E27d G4 Advanced Docking Monitors are new, intelligent, displays with only one USB-C cable for video, data, and up to 100W of power. Turn on this laptop and display with just one button, and you can even empower IT to remotely manage HP devices from anywhere on the network for immediate peripheral expansion. They are expected to be available this month.

The HP Renew Sleeve works as a great case sleeve for HP products, and it caters to environmental initiatives. Knit with recycled plastic bottles and minimal manufacturing waste, one sleeve keeps two plastic water bottles from entering natural resources. Plus, they’re machine-washable. It is expected to be available in April of 2020.

The HP Renew Series includes a backpack, topload, tote, and slim brief made from 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles that have been shredded, melted into a fiber, spun into a roll, and woven. One series saves up to 10 plastic bottles from entering oceans and landfills. What’s more is the leather handles are vegan, and the bag material is water-resistant to protect your materials. It is expected to be available this spring.

The HP Spectre Folio Backpack and Topload are water-resistant bags with waxed canvas exteriors. Designed to hold high-value materials like passports, wallets, cards, and electronic devices, the folio serves as secure luggage bags that are quilted, cushy, and convenient. They are expected to be available in February of 2020.

In a world of growing technology and constant product innovation, it’s only natural that printing and technology companies like HP Inc. need to fight to keep up and improve their products. However, it’s not often groups as large and groundbreaking as HP not only remain at the forefront of the industry, but also have a core commitment to the environment.

As HP has said time and time again, its goals and products are centered around consumer freedom to: work securely from anywhere, experience content anywhere, connect devices simply, and live their values of integrity and environmental responsibility.

In a world that is at the brink of an environmental crisis and at the center of cries of desperation, this commitment to consumers of the Earth is really all we can hope for.

About the Author

Amanda Smiley is the Content Editor for Occupational Health Magazine and Environmental Protection for 1105 Media. You can reach her at [email protected].

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