General Iron Called to Install More Pollution Controls

General Iron Called to Install More Pollution Controls

The EPA is requiring Chicago shredding and recycling company to comply with the Clean Air Act. The company needs to reduce air emissions by 98 percent.

The EPA recently announced an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) that requires General Iron Industries Inc. to install additional pollution controls that will reduce air emissions at its Chicago facility. The company has agreed to the Order and will begin installing the controls within 60 days.

General Iron owns and operates a metal shredding and recycling operation. The EPA’s Notice of Violation (NOV) is in reaction to the company’s noted excessive air emissions from July 2018. Should the company successfully install a control device and reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by 98 percent, the company will be in compliance with the Clean Air Act.

EPA’s Order requires General Iron to operate a specific pollution control device: a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) to control VOC emissions from the shredder. Given their makeup of chemicals, VOCs pose harmful health effects to employees as well as residents in surrounding areas. The RTO breaks down VOCs and other pollutants into carbon dioxide and water through a heating process.

The company will also install a wet scrubber and new emission stack. The EPA further requires General Iron to apply for a permit with the state of Illinois detailing equipment operating conditions to ensure a continued reduction in emissions – even if the facility moves to another location. The company may also face a fine for excessive air emissions prior to installing the new pollution control devices.

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