Wastewater Treatment Gets Upgrade in Ohio

Wintersville, Ohio has received $420,000 in funds from Ohio EPA to make improvements to wastewater systems that will lead to improved water quality.

As part of the Ohio EPA’s Water Pollution Control Load Fund (WPCLF), the city of Wintersville will receive a $420,000 low-interest loan to perform a Sewer System Evaluation Survey which will help the city discover and eliminate points where sewers and storm water combine. This will create opportunities for Wintersville to improve the water quality for public health as well as the environment.

“In addition to improvements to publicly owned treatment works, WPCLF loans have been provided for agricultural best management practices, home sewage system improvements, landfill closures and water quality-based storm water projects, stated the release. “The WPCLF provides technical assistance to public wastewater systems in a variety of areas from the planning, design and construction of improvements to enhancing the technical, managerial and financial capacity of these systems. WPCLF loans also make possible the restoration and protection of some of Ohio’s highest quality water bodies through the fund’s Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program.”

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