Communities Across Six States Receive EPA Funding for Water Pollution and More

Various communities in Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and South Carolina received $400,000 in grants to help combat water pollution and climate change.

In support of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the EPA has awarded $400,000 in grants to communities in six different states. As part of the funding, these communities will expand their use of green infrastructure to reduce the amount of water pollution in their area, as well as increase their resilience to the effects of global warming.

“Investing in green infrastructure pays off for our environment and our economy. It reduces water pollution and energy consumption. It creates jobs and boosts local economic activity,” said Gina McCarthy, EPA administrator. “And these investments help local communities build resilient systems to protect from severe storms, floods, and other impacts of climate change.”

Green infrastructure treats rain where it falls, which helps reduce the amount of polluted stormwater that can get into sewer systems. Some examples of green infrastructure include green roofs, rain gardens and harvesting systems, and construction with permeable materials.

The communities to receive this funding are: Pima County, Ariz.; Gary, Ind.; Detroit, Mich.; Lincoln Neb.; Providence, R.I.; and Spartanburg, S.C.

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