Taking on Indoor Air Quality with New Handheld Monitors

By using handheld ozone monitors, companies can measure the most common indoor quality parameters: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, VOCs, temperature, and humidity.

Aeroqual has upgraded its handheld ozone monitors, enabling them to simultaneously measure five of the most commonly requested indoor air quality parameters: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, VOCs, temperature and humidity. More gases, such as formaldehyde and ozone, can be added by swapping one sensor head for another, making these versatile monitors.

Indoor air quality is an increasingly important health issue. The EPA has listed poor indoor air quality as the fourth largest environmental threat to the United States. Because of that, building owners, managers, and occupiers are looking for ways to measure and manage the risk. But every building is different, as are the gases inside it, so maximizing the number of parameters that can be measured with a single instrument was the driving force behind Aeroqual’s IAQ monitor range.  

Aeroqual has leveraged its accumulated experience to introduce a product capable of measuring the most common indoor air pollutants (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds) plus temperature and relative humidity – all in one handheld device. By selecting from over 30 different interchangeable sensor heads, the same instrument can be used to measure any number of target gases – such as formaldehyde, ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and many more.

Chief Executive, Mark Templeton, says: “Taking on indoor air quality was a logical extension of our market-leading position in ozone health and safety monitoring. For years we’ve been selling ozone monitors to Samsung for measuring ozone in their semiconductor factories. When they asked us to help measure air quality in their adjoining offices, we were only too happy to help.”

The monitors are targeted at different budgets. The top of the range Series 500 IAQ has built-in data-logging and comes bundled with user-friendly software compatible with Windows 8 down. The long-life lithium battery enables up to ten hours on the go and can be recharged within three.  For the budget conscious, the Series 200 IAQ offers the most competitive way yet to measure all five parameters in one instrument.