Online Training Helps Electronics Firms Reduce Costs, Toxicity, Waste, and Energy Output

To help minimize the amount of e-waste caused by electronics firms, TFI has developed a new training program that teaches electronics industry personnel how to reduce environmental impacts.

In a business landscape characterized by global regulations, dwindling natural resources, and extreme weather events that threaten manufacturing facilities and supply-chain operations, the worldwide electronics industry must substantially reduce its materials, energy, toxicity, waste, and its costs and corporate risks.

In an effort to combat these challenges, Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) developed the Design-for-Environment (DfE) training program that teaches electronics industry personnel how to reduce environmental impacts while boosting their bottom line.

Offering training programs in China, Finland, Canada, Israel, Australia, the U.K., and the U.S., TFI conducted onsite DfE workshops for more than a thousand executives, managers, engineers and other design-related professionals at Microsoft, Agilent, Flextronics, Celestica, Tellabs, Blue Coat Systems and many other manufacturers throughout the supply chain.

In 2012, building on the success of its onsite instruction, TFI launched DfE Online - the industry’s very first Design for Environment training program that functioned as a “DfE encyclopedia.” Self-paced, content-rich, and cost-effective, it saves design-related professionals hundred of research hours by offering a comprehensive single-source location for technical how-to methods and for cost-saving practices all along the product life-cycle.

“DfE Online is a comprehensive program valuable to individuals, managers, and teams. It contains a breadth of concepts, tools, and resources that will help your engineers design environmentally-friendly and profitable products,” said Julie Silk, environmental compliance technical program manager, Agilent Technologies.

Now, TFI introduces DfE Online Version 2.0. Its advanced features are faster downloads, enhanced examples and, most importantly, the ability to customize the training program for executives, engineering groups, marketing teams, purchasing departments, compliance officers and others.

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