Citation Technologies Enhances EH&S Compliance Software

Citation Technologies has created new software that helps speed up user review of content and streamline regulatory data for customized corporate and site-level compliance

Citation Technologies has announced the latest version of its Citation Compliance Suite cloud-based risk and compliance management solutions, Citation Build 3.2. The new software release adds ease-of-use enhancements that help to speed user review of content and streamline regulatory data for customized corporate and site-level compliance. Citation will be showcasing Citation Build 3.2 at the upcoming 2013 EHS and Sustainability Software Conference on February 26-27th in Charlotte, NC.

The new Content Schedule feature allows users to view all of their subscription content, by country, state, or region, and also the date and time of the most recent regulatory update. Content updating schedules vary, depending mostly upon the country, state, or region’s governing bodies and their release schedule(s).

“The enhancements in Citation Build 3.2 software supports our belief that required regulatory compliance can be easily and cost-effectively accomplished,” said Tom Bonetto, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Citation Technologies. “The new software features within Version 3.2 coupled with our recent introduction of updated international content for over 100+ worldwide jurisdictions places Citation in the forefront of industry regulatory compliance software tools and solutions. We will continue to partner with our customers to deliver the best performing solutions for managing EH&S compliance and reducing corporate risk of non-compliance.”

Citation Compliance Suite is an expandable platform that offers everything from regulatory research through task management, data collection, and compliance status reporting to help monitor change, minimize risk, and maximize compliance. Citation Determine uses simple conditions-based questions to allow customers to easily determine a requirement’s applicability and build a high level regulatory register for managing compliance. Citation Build offers the capability to define which of the many listed action items must be accomplished to achieve compliance and allows the user, through our compliance-tasking module, to make that action very specific to the site. Citation Compliance Suite gives businesses the ability to monitor, manage and maintain compliance in over 100+ worldwide jurisdictions.

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