Grain Site in San Antonio is Now Ready for Reuse

The Big Tex Grain site in San Antonia has been cleaned and ready for reuse after being awarded approval by the EPA.

The Big Tex Grain site sits on 7.5 acres, and is a former W.R. Grace exfoliation plant that was in operation from 1961 to 1989. During its functioning years, approximately 124,000 tons of vermiculite ore was processed there and shipped to Libby, Montana.

The EPA began taking samples at the site in 2007 after the agency was asked about contamination that could pose a risk to workers and surrounding neighborhoods. The samples found asbestos in soil, subsurface soils, and in sediments that border the San Antonio River. Asbestos was also found in air samples taken by the EPA.

In 2008, the EPA began cleanup operations at the site; all cleanup activities were completed in January 2009. On Nov. 16, the EAPPA announced that the Big Tex Grain site is now ready for reuse. Potential uses for the site include residential, retail, or commercial, but is subject to local zoning ordinances and all other applicable laws.

The Big Tex Grain site is currently owned by Big Tex San Antonio, L.P. The site is located in the 300 block of Blue Star Street and is bordered by grain silos that have been converted into art studios.

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