Drinking Water Distillation System Offers a Solution During Disasters

An inventor has created a new water distillation system that makes non-potable water drinkable, which makes it a perfect solution during natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy.

Inventor Glenn Meder form Lincoln, Nebraska, has created a new water distillation system that could help millions of people during natural disasters. The Survival Still allows you to turn any water, including ocean water and microbiologically-contaminated water into a permanent supply of safe, high-purity potable water.

The Still is a heavy-duty stainless steel water distiller that purifies water by boiling the water and collecting only the pure steam -- a process called distillation. The result is consistently pure water from any water source, without the use of filters.

"We take our water supply for granted until an emergency happens. Then we realize how vitally important a supply of safe, clean water is," said Meder.

The Survival Still was a culmination of Meder's 20 years in the distillation industry and countless efforts to come up with the perfect emergency water distiller. After over 60 different versions of the product, he concluded with the current design, as he felt it was the best and simplest design with the highest functionality.

Survival Still will be available for retail in December 2012, and pre-orders can already be placed on their website, www.survivalstill.com.

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