Harrison Ford and Hamilton Present a Dynamic New Watch to Encourage Urgent Environmental Action

“Time waits for no man,” as the saying has it, especially when applied to the issue of environmental protection. Hamilton is reinforcing the urgent call to action made by the charity Conservation International with a special new watch, the Hamilton Khaki Conservation International Auto Chrono. Designed in collaboration with one of the organization’s directors, Harrison Ford, the watch mirrors the CI vision of conservation as a working model of the future with precision timekeeping enabled by Swiss craftsmanship. Dedicated to encouraging individuals never to lose sight of the impact of time, it contains a new movement, the H31, highlighting the brand’s commitment to translating technological progress into measurable benefits. A significant portion of the proceeds generated by the new watch will contribute to the time-critical work of CI.

Time for action

The activity of CI embraces six vital areas – climate, fresh water, food, health, cultural services and biodiversity. With the Hamilton Khaki Conservation Auto Chrono, Hamilton and CI mark their third collaboration project to raise funds for and awareness of the non-profit organization’s valuable work. This potentially benefits initiatives as diverse as bringing clean drinking water to Madagascar, to supporting sustainable farming in Mexico. Harrison Ford confirms the added value of this ongoing partnership, "The first two collections Hamilton and I created to support our cause proved extremely successful, so I’m sure that the new watch will follow in those footsteps. By contributing to CI’s mission in this way, Hamilton is helping us achieve measurable conservation outcomes with a far-reaching impact.”

A tribute to sustainability

Committed to making the most of that priceless and threatened resource, time, the Hamilton Khaki Conservation International Auto Chrono is powered by a newly developed movement. The H31 integrates an above average power reserve of 60 hours. It also affords impressive operational stability, assuring long-term accuracy, due to the presence of a reversed or glittered spiral. The date has a fast corrector at 10 o’clock, a subtle allusion to the message that CI is working to avert further environmental damage by ensuring past mistakes are not repeated. A vintage beige dial, an intricately grooved case and a stitched brown leather strap add nostalgic touches to underline the theme of preservation and longevity. The robust stainless steel case and sapphire crystal further emphasise the importance of durability. On the back of the case is the charity’s logo, endorsed by the signature of Harrison Ford.