Rentech Awards Fluor FEED Contract for Rialto Project

Rentech, Inc. and Fluor Corporation have signed a contract under which Fluor will provide front-end engineering and design (FEED) services for the Rialto Renewable Energy Center being developed by Rentech.

Under the agreement, Fluor will perform FEED services for the facility and the supporting infrastructure for the project. The Rialto Project, a commercial biomass gasification facility, will use green waste as feedstock to produce both renewable synthetic diesel fuel and renewable electric power.

"We are very pleased that a firm of Fluor’s stature was our leading bidder and will be our FEED partner for our Rialto renewable energy project. Fluor’s experience and expertise in gasification and Fischer-Tropsch projects will help us move quickly and efficiently through the design stage," said D. Hunt Ramsbottom, president and chief executive officer of Rentech. “We believe the Rialto Project will change the energy landscape. Our project is an example of how innovative domestic technologies can create environmentally superior alternative sources of drop-in, certified renewable synthetic fuels and base-load power from waste materials, while creating much-needed domestic jobs,” he added.

Rentech expects to file major permit applications for this renewable energy project during the first half of this calendar year.

The Rialto Project will use key technologies, including the Rentech-SilvaGas biomass gasification system and Rentech’s Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels conversion technology. Final product upgrading will be provided by UOP, a Honeywell company.

The Rialto Project is designed to produce approximately 640 barrels-per-day of renewable, ultra-clean synthetic fuels and 35 megawatts of base-load renewable electricity (enough to power approximately 30,000 homes), from urban woody green waste, such as yard and tree trimmings. The life-cycle carbon footprint of the fuels and power is expected to be near zero, and the renewable power meets the requirements of California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.

RenDiesel® exceeds all applicable fuels standards, is biodegradable and is virtually free of particulates, sulfur and aromatics.

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