NGWA Sponsors Training at 2010 Canon Envirothon

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is a sponsor of the 2010 Canon Envirothon, North America's largest high school environmental education competition, which will focus on groundwater protection when it convenes August 1-6 in Fresno, Calif.

“We are pleased to be a part of Canon Envirothon and congratulate its organizers for considering groundwater issues,” said NGWA Executive Director Kevin McCray, CAE.

“They correctly state in their materials that ‘planning for groundwater protection often receives insufficient attention for addressing periods of drought, water conservation and efficiency, pollution prevention, recharge zones, surface water management and conjunctive use, stormwater management, and future water needs,’” McCray said.

NGWA’s financial support will go toward underwriting the cost of a current issues training session at the event. The association also considers its support of the 2010 Canon Envirothon as an investment in groundwater education and, potentially, future groundwater professionals.

“In addition to our scholarship program and outreach to schools, this is another way for NGWA to encourage bright young people to consider careers in the groundwater professions,” McCray said. “Now is the time to direct young people toward the groundwater professions, as water resources become an increasingly critical issue in our nation and the world.”

The Envirothon’s learning objectives this year focus on hydrology and climatology, water quality and quantity, the water/energy nexus, and land use planning and its effects on groundwater.

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