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As we discover new or improved websites relevant to your work, we will provide a synopsis and a link under this heading. Please feel free to rate a site after you have visited it or even suggest one for discussion. If we get enough positive feedback, we may add the most useful sites to Industry Links.

Blackmer and SmartEnergy

Blackmer®, a sliding vane, centrifugal and peristaltic (hose) pump and reciprocating gas compressor technology company, has launched www.BlackmerSmartEnergy.com. This site offers an Energy Calculator, which allows users to calculate just how much energy they would save if they were to introduce the company's pumping equipment into their operations.

Solar Energy Education

www.Solarspill.com aims to facilitate the education of energy consumers about the potential of solar energy. It was developed by four Florida businessmen.

Power Control with Russelectric

www.russelectric.com, presents detailed information on the company’s power control systems for onsite power generators as well as transfer and bypass/isolation switches. All the company's products are designed and manufactured for 100 percent uptime in data centers, hospitals, airports, telecommunications systems, and other mission-critical facilities.

Vycom Products

Vycom, a division of CPG International, clearly defines its products at www.vycomplastics.com. The company offers chemical- and corrosion-resistant materials in several polymer options for tanks, wastewater management, secondary containment; and chemical, food and pharmaceutical processing and components.

Mining ITT

ITT Corporation has launched www.ITTMining.com, a new resource for mining industry professionals. It includes a wide range of informational resources for mining and mineral processing plant managers and operators as well as products offered by the company.

Jade Engineered Plastics' Selector Wizard

An updated www.jadeplastics.com, provides visitors with a materials selector wizard to help locate the appropriate material for their application. Featuring virgin and filled PTFE, other fluoropolymers, and thermoplastics, the site includes specifications for dozens of material variations for easily requesting a quote, and includes a stock shapes section for specifying and ordering rod and tube instantly online.

EPA's CWA Enforcement

The new Web page, provides interactive information from the agency's 2008 Annual Noncompliance Report, which pertains to about 40,000 permitted Clean Water Act dischargers across the country. The report lists state-by-state summary data of violations and enforcement responses taken by the states for smaller facilities.

CCS Technology

The www.ccs101.ca Website is a one-stop-shop for information on carbon capture and storage technology in Canada and around the world. Funded through the IEA GHG Weyburn - Midale CO(2) Monitoring and Storage Project and Canada's CCS Network, the site provides information on technology fundamentals, project listings and funding and RD&D.

Freshwater Micropollutants

Gabriel Eckstein, director of the Texas Tech University Center for Water Law and Policy Center, earlier this month launches the Micropollutants Clearinghouse, one component of a three-year, EPA-funded study looking at pharmaceuticals, personal care products and other micropollutants in freshwater systems, focusing on the ongoing law and policy analysis. The site is a publicly accessible research resource on the legal, regulatory, institutional, policy and related scientific aspects of the products.

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