DOE seeks RFPs for Disposition of Nickel

The U.S. Department of Energy has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for a solicitation of a sales agreement to buy approximately 15,300 tons of radiologically contaminated nickel scrap recovered from uranium enrichment process equipment at the Department’s Paducah, Kentucky, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee facilities.

The potential buyer will be required to declassify and decontaminate the nickel scrap prior to gaining title. The title transfer and the sale will occur only upon DOE certification of declassification and decontamination of the nickel and compliance with DOE property management requirements. The nickel will be transported, processed, and reused or recycled into products that will be used in radiologically controlled applications. This material is not intended for unrestricted release for recycling into commerce and no nickel disposition activities will be performed outside of the United States.

All proposals to this solicitation must be received by the Department no later than July 28.

The document is available online at the Industry Interactive Procurement System. For additional information, contact Loretta Averna at 859.219.4010 or Mike Koentop at 865.574.3264.

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