SECURE Insignia Attracts Small Water Purifier Companies

Mobile MaxPure 

A candidate for certification by S&T's SECURE program is the Mobile MaxPure, a solar-powered, water purification system.

Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) is seeking a portable and self-sustaining water purifier, one that would lend itself to ready usage on a stand-alone basis.

Several companies responded when S&T issued an operational requirements document (ORD) for a self-contained, self-powered water purification system last year through SECURE (System Efficacy through Commercialization, Utilization, Relevance and Evaluation). The document attracted the attention of several small businesses: WorldWater, Aqua Sciences, RescueWater, Wellspring Trailer Group, First Water, Spectra Watermakers, PureSafe Water Systems and Alten Energy Solutions.

Today, these firms are actively honing their systems to the ORD's specifications. When testing is complete, each firm will deliver its data to S&T. If a technology passes muster, S&T will certify it and the firms can start marketing their wares using the SECURE insignia.

The SECURE seal of approval will help guide emergency managers who must purchase water purification systems.

Unlike conventional systems that consume 35-50 watts of electricity per gallon, the Spectra Pearson Pump from Spectra Watermakers demands only 8-9 watts per gallon in a unit that can fit into a suitcase. (Ten gallons of brackish water pumped through the system produces roughly one gallon of potable water.)

RescueWater from Water of Life, is powered by propane. Its submersible pump needs no priming, and its 220 pounds can be deployed to a depth of 50 feet in less than 3 minutes. The pump can disinfect pathogens with ruthless efficiency and deliver up to 17,000 gallons of pristine water per day.

WorldWater and Solar Technology's MaxPure can be flown in by helicopter or towed in by pick-up truck. The Spectra-Pearson Pump from Spectra Watermakers provides the desalination technology behind the MaxPure. Its 7 cubic feet and 6,200 pounds arrive on its own trailer, which can be parked alongside any water source, as long as it gets sunlight. Put the system's pump in the water, flip a switch, and within 20 minutes the unit produces potable water. At full capacity, MaxPure can generate up to 30,000 gallons a day. For daily operation, the MaxPure needs five hours of sun exposure.

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