CSL Partners with WWF-Canada to Combat Climate Change

Canada Steamship Lines has signed a five-year agreement with World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada) that aims to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the CSL fleet and seeks ongoing solutions for improving the wider marine industry’s ecological footprint.

. Under the terms of the agreement, CSL will obtain expert advisory services from WWF-Canada as it adopts, develops, and promotes energy efficiency and emission reduction initiatives while strengthening its leadership role in sustainable marine management.

“While this is one of the many steps we’re taking to enhance our environmental record, it’s probably the most exciting step,” said CSL president Gerry Carter. “WWF-Canada is part of a renowned global conservation organization. We’re proud to be aligned with them and excited to benefit from their expertise. We hope to show WWF-Canada firsthand CSL’s commitment to the environment through innovation, and promote shipping as the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation in the world.”

The scope of activities within the agreement is wide ranging with the specific goals outlined in a partnership work-plan that spans 2010-14. The first year will focus on strategy development to measure CSL’s current footprint and set ambitious emission reduction targets for carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur oxides (Sox) and nitrous oxides (NOx). CSL will develop research to support the environmental benefits of modal shift to marine transportation to help de-carbonize the Canadian transportation sector. Years 2-5 will focus on monitoring, reporting and verification. “This agreement is based on transparency, and that’s the only way to achieve success with environmental initiatives,” said Carter. “We’re being challenged to be better than we are and we’re fully aware that WWF-Canada will hold us to our commitments. We will be better.”

"WWF-Canada looks for leaders to help set new environmental standards and CSL is setting the bar in the shipping industry," says Gerald Butts, president and chief executive officer, WWF-Canada. "We are excited to work with CSL because they are committed to being business leaders and advocates for broader change in the industry."

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