EcoloBlue Sends Water Generator to Haiti

EcoloBlue is sending an industrial-sized atmospheric water generator to Haiti to provide urgently needed pure drinking water to earthquake survivors.

Due to the vast infrastructure damage caused by the earthquake, drinking water distribution systems have been destroyed and there is an urgent need for potable water.

The donation to Haiti an effective way of dealing with the water crisis. The industrial sized machine extracts moisture from the air, then filters and purifies the water it collects to deliver 99.9 percent pure drinking water on an on-going basis. The unit will produce 200 liters of pure water daily.

"We extend our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti," said Henri-James Tieleman, chief executive officer and co-founder of EcoloBlue. "We are pleased that we can contribute to relief efforts with pure, accessible and sustainable water.”

The non-profit organization Convoy of Hope is organizing the logistics to transport the donated unit from a warehouse in San Francisco to a disaster relief center just outside Port-au-Prince where food, water and supplies are being distributed.

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