NYC OKs Requirements for Backflow Prevention Devices

On Dec. 9, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a bill, Introductory Number 935-A, that codified into law requirements on the installation of backflow prevention devices.

Bloomberg explained that the new law will help prevent the potential backflow of contaminants from buildings into the public water system.

"Introductory Number 935-A further builds on the Department’s [Department of Environmental Protection's] work to mitigate the risk of hazardous backflow by codifying into law requirements on the installation of prevention devices. Introduction Number 935-A also requires the department to notify the owner of any building found to potentially require a backflow device and to report to the Council semi-annually on the department’s work regarding hazardous backflow.

"The city’s drinking water is the best in the world. One threat to the water supply with which the department must contend is the 'backflow' of contaminated water out of buildings into the public water supply system. Without the installation of a backflow prevention device, buildings such as hospitals, labs, and factories can create risks to the water supply system. The department is in the middle of a rigorous inspection program to identify sites at which backflow prevention devices are required, but not currently installed."

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