Cage Protects Backflow Preventer from Theft

Rising costs of copper and the accompanying value perceived by thieves provided the inspiration for Wilderness Security Door and Gate Co.'s new Backflow Preventer Security Cage. When securely attached to a solid cement footer, the cage prevents virtually all theft and vandalism to expensive back flow prevention devices.

Wilderness Security Door and Gate, Co. has recently increased production capabilities of its Phoenix, Ariz., facilities to make room for the cages, which they feel offer a solution to a growing problem across the country.

Don Dezonia, president of Wilderness Security Door and Gate, Co. explains, "Copper theft is a huge problem across the country and shows no signs of slowing down--our new …cage solves that problem by securely and affordably protecting your investment; not to mention the time it takes to replace a stolen valve and the flooding that goes along with it."

Striking any unsecured device, copper thieves are known for their lack of concern for the after effects of their theft, even attacking the same property multiple times within a few days.

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