AQMD Presents Award to ACTI for Pollution Control System

The South Coast Air Quality Management District has recognized Advanced Cleanup Technologies' patented Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System (AMECS) with a Clean Air Award.

In two full-scale tests, the system showed that it can reduce 99 percent of nitrogen oxides (NOx), 99 percent of sulfur oxides (SOx), 95 percent of particulate matter (PM) and 96 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the auxiliary engines and boilers of ocean-going vessels while at berth or anchored in port. The system controls boiler emissions and can be extended to vessels at anchorage.

"Our tests have proven that AMECS is a cost-effective solution that can make an immediate impact today in Southern California," said Ruben Garcia, company founder and president. "The technology holds the promise that it can significantly reduce pollution in other ports around the U.S. that are also struggling to find effective solutions for their air quality problems," Garcia added.

For many shipping and port operators, AMECS is considered a viable alternative to the use of shore power or cold ironing, and in most cases, is more cost-effective. In fact, the cost-effectiveness of AMECS is about $12,000 / ton of pollutant, while the cost-effectiveness of shore power is about $27,000 / ton of pollutant. In June 2008, Advanced Cleanup Technologies Inc. (ACTI) successfully demonstrated the system at the Port of Long Beach to more than 100 port and government officials, shipping operators and business leaders.

In August 2006, ACTI also conducted a successful test of its Advanced Locomotive Emissions Control System (ALECS), a similar emissions control system designed for locomotives. The test was conducted at Union Pacific railyard in Roseville, Calif., and reduced NOx by 98 percent, SOx by 97 percent and PM by 92 percent. The results were documented by an independent company and released by the Placer County Air Pollution Control District in April 2007.

ACTI is a professional full-service firm specializing in environmental emergency response, hazardous waste management, industrial cleaning, waste minimization, confined space entry, transportation services and air pollution control technology. ACTI has a workforce of more than 250 highly trained employees ready to respond quickly to incidents throughout the United States. Headquartered in Rancho Dominguez, Calif., ACTI has four offices strategically located in California.

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