New Web Site to Analyze Power Pump Applications

Pumps work in thousands of power industry applications. Each coal-fired, combined cycle gas and nuclear power plant requires hundreds of pumps, ranging from the 6,000 gallons per minute (7,000 ft head) vertical boiler feed water pumps to the little positive displacement chemical metering pumps. Geothermal plants have special pump requirements. Pumps are critical to keeping the gearboxes functioning in wind turbines, the panels rotating in solar power plants, and the turbines rotating in steam and gas turbine plants.

The McIlvaine Company is creating a free Web site to identify each application and provide the technical information necessary to the specifier. Utilities, engineering firms, pump suppliers and anyone with knowledge in the field are invited to participate in this effort.

The magnitude of difficulty should not be underestimated. The flue gas desulfurization absorber recycle pump is a good example. The pump requirements vary depending on reagent and type of absorber. Forced oxidation creates slurry with large granules while inhibited oxidation creates slurry with small granules. Spray towers rely on liquid mass and tray towers rely more on fan energy, so the slurry flows vary and process sequences vary.

The system will document the requirements for each of these variations and classify all the alternatives to help the specifier with actual decision-making.

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