Davao District Picks WaterGEMS for Modeling, Analysis

Davao City Water District (DCWD), the largest water district in the Philippines outside of Metro Manila, has selected Bentley’s WaterGEMS as its new water distribution modeling and analysis software.

DCWD currently has more than 166,000 service connections and was recognized in the region as the “Most Outstanding Water District of 2002” by the Local Water Utilities Administration and as the “Top Water District Performer of 2006” by the Philippine Association of Water Districts.

The district is using the software tool's advanced model building, optimization, and infrastructure management to design and conduct feasibility studies for new water systems as well as to rehabilitate the city’s existing water systems.

Rodora Gamboa, DCWD’s general manager, said: “With service connections growing over the past 16 years from 70,134 to more than 166,000, we need a distribution modeling and analysis product that can help us develop and maintain a cost-effective water system with adequate capacity to meet our growing needs."

WaterGEMS’ scenario management capability enables multiple scenarios or “what-if” simulations to be contained within a single file, allowing engineers to compare alternative approaches to rehabilitation projects and model pump control scenarios to support energy-saving initiatives.

Founded in 1973, DCWD has more than 166,000 service connections. Operating as a government-owned-and-controlled corporation, DCWD implements its projects in calculated phases and stages. Transmission and distribution lines, sources, pumping stations, and reservoirs have substantially increased over the years to meet Davao City’s growing needs. For additional information, visit www.davao-water.gov.ph.

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