Excel-based Model Assesses Conservation Programs

The Alliance for Water Efficiency has beta tested and completed its Water Conservation Tracking Tool v1, according to a recent release.

The Tool, an Excel-based model that evaluates water savings, costs, and benefits comes complete with a detailed User Guide and is free to AWE members in good standing.

According to the press release, the tool allows users to:

  • quickly compare alternative conservation measures in terms of their water savings potential, impact on system costs, and potential benefits to utility customers.
  • develop long-range conservation plans. Construct conservation portfolios containing up to 50 separate conservation program activities.
  • track the implementation, water savings, costs, and benefits of actual conservation activities over time.
  • count the savings from plumbing and appliance codes. A separate model is available for California and Texas, states with additional requirements for toilets.
  • evaluate a utility's changing revenue requirement with conservation.

AWE will provide a detailed User Guide with the Tool, as well as one hour of free technical assistance to any member using the Tool.

Members must agree to AWE's Terms of Use. For more information, visit http://www.allianceforwaterefficiency.org/Tracking-Tool.aspx.

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