July 29 Roundtable to Review Sustainable Systems Report

"Sustainable Water Systems: Step One – Redefining the Nation’s Infrastructure Challenge," published earlier this month, will be the subject of an Aspen Institute Roundtable Luncheon on July 29 at the institute's headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Policy Program published the report on how the United States' aging and ailing water infrastructure can be restored and managed in a way that is economically sustainable, that protects the nation’s natural watershed, and that will meet the challenges associated with climate change, such as droughts, heavy storms, and flooding events.

The report is a result of the year-long Aspen Institute Dialogue on Sustainable Water Infrastructure in the United States, which examined the challenges that America’s drinking water and wastewater systems are now facing in maintaining and replacing their pipes, treatment plants, and other critical infrastructure in the context of a changing climate. The dialogue brought together distinguished leaders from the water utility industry; federal, state, and local government regulators; and nonprofit environmental groups to develop policy recommendations that address water infrastructure planning and management challenges for the coming decades.

Panelists for the roundtable include:

  • G. Tracy Mehan III, principle of the Cadmus Group and former assistant administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water;
  • Michael Deane, executive director, National Association of Water Companies and former associate assistant administrator for the Office of Water;
  • Katherine Baer, Healthy Waters Campaign director, American Rivers; and
  • Wally Bishop, general manager, Contra Costa Water District.

For more information, contact Regan Nelson.

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