Black & Veatch Gets Hong Kong Expansion Project

The Hong Kong SAR Water Supplies Department has selected Black & Veatch for a large expansion project at the Tai Po Water Treatment Works. The consulting firm will design and oversee construction of the project that will improve water reliability for the area’s approximately 7 million residents, according to a June 24 press release.

“This expansion will more than triple the capacity of the water treatment works, providing up to 800 million liters per day of reliable water supply to the people of Hong Kong,” said Alan Man, vice president and leader of the company’s Hong Kong water business. “In addition, the Water Supplies Department estimates this project will create approximately 2,100 jobs in the local construction industry.”

The project involves constructing additional water treatment facilities, increasing the pumping capacities of the secondary raw and fresh water pumping stations and storage capacity of a service reservoir, as well as laying new fresh water mains. Construction on the project is scheduled to begin next year.

Some of the project's technical facts include the following:

  • The project will expand the water treatment work’s capacity from 250 million liters per day (MLD) to 800 MLD
  • The facility was the first major treatment works in Hong Kong to use space-efficient dissolved air flotation for water clarification
  • It represents one of the largest installations of aerated biological filtration for ammonia removal in the world, significantly reducing chlorine usage.

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